Strong Roots Have No Fear - The Book

About the Author

Aditi Wardhan Singh

"The Girl From No Where", that is how she felt till she became a mother and realized how profound her own journey has been and that she actually belongs everywhere.

  Aditi Wardhan Singh is a mom of two, living it up in Richmond Virginia in USA. Raised in Kuwait, being Indian by birth she often felt out of place which led her to specialize in writing about cultural sensitivity when parenting. She writes for a number of large publications, including Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Richmond Moms Blog, Richmond Family Magazine, Desh Videsh. She has also been featured as a parenting expert on NBC News.

A computer engineer by profession, she turned entrepreneur by founding Raising World Children online magazine. At RWC, she is bringing voices from around the world together to talk about the synergy of today's cultures with world heritage. Impromptu dance parties with her little one are her ultimate picker upper. She has also contributed to the best selling anthology "When You Are Done Expecting".

Strong Roots Have No Fear is her way of passing on the confidence every mother today needs in raising their children in a multicultural, constantly evolving world. She believes if we raise our children right, we need not fear for their future. 

Her Writing Journey at a Glance

What This Book Brings You

  • Learn how Aditi herself remained rooted, in spite of spending all her life as an expat. 
  • Gain the confidence to be fearlessly intuitive as a parent. 
  • Familiarize yourself with basic steps you can take today  to raise your children empowered in today's multicultural world.
  • Walk down the milestones of life with her, many of which are  every woman experiences. 
  • Enjoy story telling which brings life a full circle every time. 

What Readers from Around the World are Saying

Shalini Tyagi


Aditi is authentic and comes across as very relate able. She can talk about even the most complex topics in a captivating manner. Her ability to embrace new cultures but stay true to her roots is what makes her such a great writer.

Denise Damijo


I love Aditi's writings! Her writings are inspiring, informative, and just good reads all around. I'm looking forward to reading a lot more from Aditi in the future!


Christina Tinker


One of the things I love about Aditi’s writing is the joy and humor she brings to the community.  She has a way of experiencing and then sharing a moment with her children that makes you think about the sometimes mundane moments of parenting in a new and exciting way.  I also admire Aditi for sharing her own personal (and sometimes difficult) story of moving from Kuwait and embracing life in Richmond.  

Sangeetha Jaldu


I love Aditi's work as they are genuine and are mostly her real experiences which are fun to read and helpful to many.

Jaya Joseph George


Aditi’s writing is straight from heart and it is always something you can relate to. Her style of writing is simple and easy for anyone to feel a connection with.. real life incidents are penned down in such a beautiful way that it takes you back to a short journey of your own life’s experience ... keep up your work Aditi.. you are such an inspiration!!

Jewel Elise


Aditi manages to convey her message in a professional tone that grabs your attention. Her writing influences others, not only to do better in their, lives but be better. Her words are as joyful to read as it is to know her as a person.

They Sure Are...

Suja Dinesh


Her words are largely instrumental in starting conversations. I love her perspective of seeing the whole world as one. One of the key aspects of her writing is that she can convey the most complex or controversial topic that many hesitate to comment on, in a most amicable way. With her writing I was able to discover, understand and experience various cultural perspectives which helped my parenting journey as an expat. Her work has helped me reshape my thinking towards cultural challenges. She is always an inspiration to me.

Fatima Dalvi


When I came across Aditi’s articles, I felt all this and more. They are so easy to read and instantly connects you with the subject and the author. All her articles are something that you can relate to. Her writing style is immaculate and keeps the reader engrossed. I wish her all the success and many accolades for her future and hope that she brings the change that she envisions ! You Rock !

Paul Sating


I just love her attitude. She is were very kind and considerate and compassionate, but she also makes her message very clear, that people need to act if they want things to change. Her way of communication is so effective. Her writing makes for interesting read.

Laura Ramnath


I greatly admire Aditi and her writing. She does a fantastic job highlighting and bringing to light different cultures and experiences. Her passion to share and learn about all cultures in the world is evident in everything she does, and it inspires me to do the same.

Liz Baker


Aditi writes from a rich life experience. There is an optimistic wisdom in her stories -- a call to understand and embrace a changing world while imagining ways to raise strong, healthy kids that thrive together. Both down to earth and soulful, her vision of the world refreshing: connect humans in meaningful ways -- connect our very souls -- while simultaneously celebrating the beauty of cultural distinctive. She’s doing incredible work to build that awareness and connection, and I’m genuinely excited about her new project."

Lisa Zawrotny

New York

Her work is relevant and real, touching upon true family challenges. She inspires me to parent with heart and a global perspective.

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